Unlock the secrets to better drone videos in this value-packed 1-hour training.

The Equipment

The first step to creating cinematic drone videos is choosing the right equipment. 

Drone Buyers Guide

The top drones I recommend for beginners, so you can make a decision you're confident in. 

Camera Settings

Understand the basic camera functions and how you can use them to create better drone videos. 

Top Drone Apps

Take an inside look at the business processes I've used for over 7 years to land higher-paying clients. 

Best Drone Movements

Ever wonder how some people capture such incredible drone shots? These are the drone movements they're using. 

Video Editing Tutorial

See our straightforward approach to video editing that will improve the quality of your drone videos. 

Build A Portfolio

Use these strategies to build your portfolio and market yourself effectively in any industry.  


Invest 1-hour of your time to get 7 actionable secrets.