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Online Part 107 Course  Curriculum

The ultimate guide to passing the Part 107 Exam, and confidently entering the drone industry.

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Module #1: Course Introduction

Welcome to Altitude University. My name is Brandon Trentalange, and I will be your instructor. Let's get started!

Chapters Include: Course Introduction, Getting Started, Cutting Edge, Additional Resources, What To Expect etc.

Module #2: Regulations & FAA Standards

Chapters Include: Introduction, Part 107 Eligibility, Remote PIC Responsibilities, Required Documents, Daylight Waivers, VLOS, Maximum Speed & Altitude, Right of Way Rules, Flying Over People, Weight Limitations, Certificate of Waiver, Recreational vs. Commercial Use etc.


Module #3: Understanding Weather Effects

Chapters Include: Introduction, Understanding METAR Reports, Understanding TAF Reports, Weather Briefings & Tools, Weather Effects on a Small UAS, Moisture, Fog & Frost, Cloud Formations, Stages of a Thunderstorm, Stable vs. Unstable Air-masses etc. 

Meet Your Instructor: Brandon Trentalange

Brandon Trentalange is an FAA Certified Drone Pilot and Instructor. Brandon has been involved in the drone industry for over 5 years, and when he's not working, enjoys flying his DJI Inspire 2 for fun on the weekends.

With a background in drone technology, Brandon has built multiple drone technology businesses in variety of commercial applications while consulting corporations like Syngenta, BrightView, Ryan Construction, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and Caltech University.

Brandon's goal is to advance the knowledge of certified drone pilots in this emerging industry, so you can change the way people view drones for good.

Module #4: National Airspace System

Chapters Include: Introduction, Airspace Classifications, Special Use Airspace, NOTAM's & TFR's, How to Read A Sectional Chart, Airspace Markings, Advanced Sectional Chart etc. 

Module #5: Loading & Performance

Chapters Include: Introduction, Flying with a Payload, Weight & Balance, Load Factors & Aerodynamics etc.

Module #6: Airport Operations

Chapters Include: Introduction, Towered vs. Non-towered Airports, Airport Traffic Patterns, Right of Way Rules, VFR Chart Symbols, Mission Based Charting, Frequencies & Privacy, Radio Communication Procedures etc.

Module #7: Crew Resource Management

Chapters Include: Introduction, Risk Management, Crew Resource Management, Physiology, Emergency Procedures, Maintenance & Inspection etc.

Real FAA Practice Assessments

The following sample exams for Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) is suitable study material for the Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating.

Scheduling Your Exam

You’ve completed the course! Now, it's time for you to schedule your Airman Knowledge Test at an FAA-approved Testing Center. Below is a list of commercial testing center locations.

Link: http://candidate.catstest.com/sitesearch.php

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Additional Course Resources

The Complete Guide To Obtaining an FAA Daylight Waiver was written for our Altitude University Students, and is used as a resource for obtaining a Part 107 Waiver to Fly your sUAS at Night.

In this E-Book we will review the different steps a commercial drone pilot must take in order to acquire an FAA Daylight Operation Waiver

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