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The Drone Masterclass

Learn The Equipment, The Camera Settings, and Editing Workflows to transform your beginner drone skills, into high-quality drone videos. (Take a look inside the course👇🏻 )


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Business + Cinematography 

In this new course, I'll be giving away ALL my business + cinematography secrets! So that anyone with the skill and willingness to learn, can replicate what I've created in my drone business.

  • Business Modules
  • Cinematography Modules
  • Exclusive Facebook Community
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Lifelong Mentorship

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Masterclass Benefits + Bonuses

Video Lectures

Interactive videos with advanced graphics, and visual effects,

Checklists & Downloads

Test your knowledge after each lesson with assessments. 

Facebook Group

Meet other like-minded drone pilots, and get to know our team directly!

Lifetime Access

Never buy another drone course, we're constantly adding new curriculum. 

Direct Mentorship 

This course gives you direct access to the team and our expansive network. 

Step By Step Tutorials

Learn alongside Hunter, and edit your first video. Drone footage included! 

Meet The Team

Hunter is currently the Content and Media Manager at Kinrgy, where he is heading all of pre-production, production, and post-production. He just finished up on the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour across 9 cities in 10 weeks across the United States, where he was given the amazing opportunity of creating the entire visual production for the twenty-minute performance.

Brandon was one of the youngest FAA Certified Drone Pilots in the United States in 2016. He flew commercially as a full-time drone pilot (4 years) for Syngenta (Agricultural Crop Scouting), BrightView (Aerial Inspection), Irvine Company (Land Surveying), and many others. He started Altitude University in 2018 and has helped over 9,000 students start careers as part-time and even full-time drone pilots.

As a team, we’ve worked with the Empire State Building, Tony Robbins, Black Paris, Kinrgy by Julianne Hough, the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour, and FlyNyon just to name a few.


We've developed this course alongside drone industry experts, giving you all the resources you need when you're first starting out! 


If you're currently flying drones, and you're struggling to set yourself apart from the competition this course is for you. 


Make money flying drones commercially. We've helped thousands of people make an income as professional drone operators.   

What's Inside The Drone Masterclass?

Module #1: The Equipment

We’ll cover drone makes, models, and manufacturers. Decide which one is best for you, and the buying options that exist, with some tips to consider when making your purchase.


  • Advice to Purcashing A Drone
  • 6 Things to Look For When Buying A Drone
  • The Complete Guide to ND Filters
  • Best Drone Accessories (Necessary)
  • Best Drones On The Market (Full Review)
  • Traveling With Your Drone

Module #2: Rules, Regulations, &  Airspace Authorization

Understanding how airspace is organized is excellent, but how do you check what airspace is around you or request authorization to fly in controlled airspace? 


  • Remote Pilot Certificate (Details)
  • Recreational vs Commercial Drone Use
  • Benefits of Part 107 Test Prep
  • What To Expect on Exam Day
  • FAA Drone Registration
  • Requesting Airspace Approval (Controlled Airspace)
  • Top 10 Apps for Drone Pilots

Module #3: Industry Opportunity

For those still considering a career in this field, there has never been a better time to get started. The industry's growth remains positive, and the global pandemic has left some looking towards new opportunities.


  • Opportunities for Drone Pilots
  • Leveraging Pilot Networks
  • Building A Portfolio That Sells
  • Drone Insurance Guide
  • Recovering From A Crash

Module #4: Flight Proficiency Training

The FAA does not require pilots to fly drones as a part of the certification process. Without a baseline for drone operations, new commercial drone pilots lack the flight skills needed to be safe and proficient.


  • Top Drone Simulators
  • Standard Flight Modes
  • Intelligent Flight Modes

Module #5: Drone & Camera Settings

There are so many tricks to capturing the perfect cinematic drone shot, and they all come down to the right camera settings! Learn what settings to utilize, and understand the benefit of each mode. 


  • Drone Components, Controller Components
  • DJI Go App, Color Mode
  • Recording Mode & Picture Mode
  • Shutter Speed, Aperture, & ISO
  • Camera Gimbal Pitch, SD Cards, & ND Filters
  • Extra Batteries, Pushing The Limits
  • DON’T DO THIS (Beginner Mistakes)

Module #6: Cinematic Drone Movements

Learn the secrets to capturing compelling aerial imagery with your drone. Once you understand the basics of photography, we'll dive into cinematic drone movements for video, and intelligent flight modes.


  • Circle Movement, Left & Right Pan
  • Low Altitude, Push-In
  • Push Out, Rise
  • Sink, Subject Follow
  • Top-Down, Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Continued...

Module #7: Adobe Premiere Pro Editing

These tutorials are built for beginners to follow along using our proven video editing techniques. Each chapter in this section is a step-by-step tutorial. We've even traveled to multiple locations to collect stunning drone footage that you'll be able to download inside the course and edit with Hunter. Replace our footage with your footage for future projects, rinse, and repeat.