Easing Part 107 Fears

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2023

We all start our journey as commercial drone pilots by passing the Part 107 exam. I took my first in 2017 and have benefitted from that decision many times over since passing the test. Once you have your remote pilot license, a world of opportunity awaits.

If you are like me, you are not a fan of taking tests. I see several emails a week from students in our course and from program graduates ready to take the recurrent test. The common theme is concern about taking the exam. In many cases, the fear of failure is their main worry.

Most of us do not like taking tests, and it is only natural to doubt yourself, especially when you have never taken the Part 107. There is usually concern over the questions, the test center, what to bring, and what happens if you fail. While these concerns are valid, we designed our course to give you the best chance of passing.

Here are a few tips to help ease any concerns you have going into the Part 107 exam or the recurrent test which is taken every two years after your initial pass.

Trust In the Course

When we designed our Part 107 course, we aimed to make the information easy to digest and fun to learn. We have been humbled by how many students have taken our course before passing the exam. To date, we have helped over 17,000 students obtain their commercial drone pilot’s license. 

With so many success stories, we feel confident that our course works. Additionally, we update our course when the FAA changes the test, so you can study knowing our material is always current.

Practice Exams

If you have signed up for our course and looked through the materials, you will no doubt have stumbled upon our practice exams. We have included five exams, answers/explanations, and supplemental testing materials in our course.

While no one can say precisely what questions will be on the FAA's exam, our practice tests are built with FAA materials and the knowledge of many people who have already passed the Part 107 exam. You will be surprised how similar our exams are to the actual test. If you are doing well on our exams, especially if your score is above 80%, you should do just fine on exam day.

Weekly Q&A

We can all use a little extra studying before an exam. One of the great ways to ask any questions you may have or sharpen your skills before the exam is our weekly Q&A with Taylor. Taylor is a wealth of knowledge and can clear up any confusion on all topics related to the exam. Check out Facebook for times and dates of her Q&A sessions.


It may seem like obvious advice, but relaxing is essential to good test-taking. If you have completed our course, taken the practice exams, and studied any sections you had difficulties in, you are as ready as you need to be. The FAA is not looking to fail you. The goal is to ensure you understand the basic aeronautical knowledge needed to fly safely.


Before entering the exam, dedicate one minute to taking a few deep breaths. Visualize yourself being calm and collected in the exam. You'll be surprised how helpful that one minute will be. Good luck, and remember to let us know how you did!

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Article Written by David Daly



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