Drones in Real Estate - Overview

industries Jan 05, 2019


There are no more excuses for low-quality real estate marketing in today’s tech-savvy era. Real estate agents across the nation are looking to utilize new and innovative ways to market their properties and aerial photography is rapidly turning into an industry standard. To avoid falling behind the competition in this extremely competitive market, agents are in need now more than ever for viable solutions to increase closing rates and to do it affordably.


Before Drones in Real Estate


Previously, unless an agent had access to an unrealistic resource like a helicopter, it was virtually impossible to allow a full view of any property listing. Marketing material consisted of ground shots around the exterior depriving prospective customers the experience to view the full amenities a listing has to offer. Now, the possibilities are endless for real estate agents looking to market their properties through the use of drone technology. The unique ability to capture photography from the sky makes it hard to ignore the merits of using drones after looking at the properties and the surrounding environment each shot is able to encompass.


Advantages of Drones in Real Estate


Obviously, the main goals of any real estate agent are to increase inquiries, sell their listings quickly, and receive offers as close to the asking price as possible. Drones are helping agents nationwide gain a competitive edge in selling their listings at an affordable price. According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) statistics reported by Real Estate Magazine, properties with accompanying aerial images are 68% more likely to sell than properties without aerial photography, and that number is only increasing.


Here are some of Altitude University’s past shots for reference:


Drones Can Serve as a Great Differentiator


Reputation carries a load of weight in this competitive industry, and many agents are using this aerial photography/videography as their differentiator amongst their competition. Drones offer a unique selling point for agents looking to show clients that they have surpassed their competitors and care enough to take the extra step in ensuring that they will have high-quality marketing material. For our agents, this has been wildly successful in winning new business in some of the most ruthless real estate markets in the nation.


The Future of Real Estate Marketing is Here


Many agents have become accustomed to outsourcing their real estate marketing to agencies for years and paying premium prices to do so. Companies are working to change that trend and put the control back in the hands of the sellers that deserve it. Through easy to use on-demand marketing services, agents are able to book marketing material within their budget, using a local pilot, and on their schedule; without sacrificing quality on the backend. This is a large weight off the shoulders of agents and allows them to get back to doing the part of the job they do best; selling.


The real estate industry is a hectic arena and marketing material should not be one of the most time-consuming aspects of any agent’s job. Receiving pictures of listings encompassing the entire property is now easier than ever, and drones are helping to up the game in this highly competitive industry one listing at a time.


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