Drone License Exam Changes: FAA Tracking Number (FTN)

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2020

Obtaining An FAA Tracking Number

The Federal Aviation Administration has released a set of updated FAA Drone Pilot Exam changes to the Part 107  Rule. 



Starting on January 13th, drone enthusiasts who are in the process of acquiring an FAA Drone License (Remote Pilot Certificate) will need to register on the IACRA website. Registering for IACRA will provide you with a unique FAA tracking number that is required before scheduling your exam at an approved FAA Testing Center. 

Essentially, the FAA has added one more step to the process for applicants. This is not too complicated, and I’ll walk you through the exact steps on how to do this below. 

How To Obtain An FAA Tracking Number

  1. Applicants will need to visit the IACRA Website 
  2. If you are a current remote pilot in command, you will already have an FAA Tracking Number (FTN).

You were assigned this number the first time you registered and passed the Part 107 Exam. 

Where do I find this FAA Tracking Number? 

You can find this number in the top left corner of your IACRA account once you’ve logged in. Log in here


How to Schedule Your Test For a Remote Pilot’s License 

Once you have your FTN and feel you have the material down, the next step is to schedule an appointment with a Knowledge Testing Center. 

  1. Apply directly (online): https://faa.psiexams.com/FAA/login
  2. You can also contact Knowledge Test Service Providers directly to schedule the test at:
  • CATS: (800) 947-4228
  • PSI: (800) 211-2754

Airman Certificate Testing Certificate Service (Updates)

The Airman Certificate Testing Service (ACTS) manages pilots of manned and unmanned vehicles.

They hope the new FTN requirement will help to significantly reduce the number of returned files, saving FAA resources and encourage the use of IACRA while allowing for future expansion of the electronic application process.


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