Michael Mantucca – Reelin’ In The Big One

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2022

Getting your Part 107 license is a significant accomplishment. As the first milestone in your commercial drone pilot career, it is something to be proud of. After purchasing your drone and other equipment, the next step is finding work.

It might feel a bit overwhelming if you don't already have connections with people looking to hire drone pilots. Thankfully, most locations have plenty of opportunities for new pilots to jump in and get a piece of the action.

One of Altitude University's very own students, Michael Mantucca, recently found success in the industry to the tune of $20,000 in new contracts! Aside from our excitement over Michael's achievement, we were curious about how he did it. Thankfully, he was willing to share some tips for success with our Altitude University community.

For 13 years, Michael has been a freelance photographer covering local news and high school sports. Eventually, his skills behind the camera brought him into real estate and architectural photography. It was during this time he began shooting for a national commercial builder.

One day, while capturing a regional project for the commercial builder, Michael was asked if he could provide aerial footage. Excited about the new opportunity, he purchased a DJI Mavic Air 2 and started planning to take the Part 107 exam. Understanding the value of Part 107 test preparation courses, he began looking online for the best program to fit his needs. 

As Michael recalls it, "I came across so many options online, but I kept coming back to Altitude University. The material was clear and concise and not filled with a bunch of nonsense. I studied 2-3 hours every day for 7 days and ended up passing with an 85%. Thanks to Altitude University, I've grown my freelance business by 30% already this year."

For those looking to repeat Michael's success, he was gracious enough to share a few tips with us.

First, never think you don't need to continue to build your skills. Michael states, "For aspiring commercial drone pilots or anyone in the creative field I recommend consistently working on your craft. Always learn new techniques and ways to tighten up your work."

Another key to winning big contracts is building connections. "It's all about relationships. When you meet people, tell them what you do. I have gained many clients by connecting with people and with hardly any advertising or social media."

Finally, "Always put out the best product possible. Top-notch work always stands out and shows that you are passionate about what you do. If you do good work, you will gain repeat clients and have no problems gaining new clients when the opportunity presents itself."

In closing, Michael said, "Thanks again to everyone at Altitude University for helping me become a commercial drone pilot!" Thank you, Michael, and congratulations from the entire Altitude University community. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors!

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Article Written by David Daly


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