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Drones in Construction - Overview

Aerial Surveying for construction is disrupting the industry rapidly, allowing project managers and stakeholders alike to stay on the same page and remotely manage a construction site from anywhere in the world.

Drones in Real Estate - Overview

There are no more excuses for low-quality real estate marketing in today’s tech-savvy era. Real estate agents across the nation are looking to utilize new and innovative ways to market their properties and aerial photography is rapidly turning into an industry standard.

Drones in Agriculture - Overview

Drone technology is changing the game in agricultural industries. Read here to get an overview on how farmers are seeing a huge ROI after surveying their crops with drones.

Top 10 Drone Apps We Recommend for Commercial Drone Pilots

There are hundreds of drone apps you can use as a drone pilot, so we decided to simplify it for you.

LAANC Explained For Licensed Drone Pilots

LAANC can be a huge advantage for licensed commercial drone pilots when flying in areas that may be on the fringe of a classified airspace. Learn More here.

5 Characteristics of a Great Commercial Drone Pilot

We believe that being a commercial drone pilot mostly comes down to training and procedures, but there are some characteristics that are invaluable to a commercial drone pilot!

UAS Traffic Management System: What Will the Sky Look Like in 5 Years?

UTM's are very important to understand as drone technology advances.

FAA Reauthorization Bill & What It Means For The Drone Industry Moving Forward

As of October 3, 2018 the FAA and United States Government have made siginificant changes to the rules and regulations of flying drones in the United States; read here to check it out!

Altitude University Pre, During, & Post Drone Flight Checklist

Everything you need to know to complete a successful drone flight with pre, during, and post flight checklists that will ensure you are taking the proper steps every time you go onsite.

Drones Are Upping The Game in Real Estate Marketing With Aerial Photography

Why is aerial photography so important and how are drones changing the game in real estate? Find out here.

How To Register Your Drone With the FAA

Here are the simple and clear steps to registering your drone with the FAA. Note that this is a requirement for ANY drone pilot, and is very important to drone safety in the United States.

Step-By-Step Guide to Taking the Part 107 Drone License Exam

Here is the fundamental information you will need to know when studying for the Part 107 Exam, Scheduling the Test, and Receiving Your Physical Drone License from the FAA.

Drone License 101: Is Acquiring a Part 107 Drone License Right for You?

Ever wonder if you are eligible to receive your Part 107 Drone License? Well here all the things you need to know if you are thinking about becoming a commercial drone pilot.

Drone License 101: Do I Need A License to Fly a Drone?

We frequently get asked, “Do I need a license to fly a drone legally.”...

Drone Safety: Record Keeping & Post Flight Maintenance

Many factors can make a normal flight very dangerous for bystanders on the ground within a matter of seconds...

Drone Insurance: What to Know for Commercial Drone Operations

Safety should always be a pilot’s number one concern, and flying a drone onsite while employees are working can present a large potential safety hazard...

Drone License 101: How To Prepare For The FAA’s Part 107 Exam

If you are preparing to take the Part 107 Exam, we’ve compiled a few Tips & Tricks for exam day to ensure you are prepared...

Drone License 101: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in gaining some additional insight into the process of acquiring your Drone License (Part 107 Certification)? If so, you’ve landed in the right place...