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Drone License 101: How To Prepare For The FAA’s Part 107 Exam

part 107 license Jan 04, 2019


Hey Everyone,

Until August 29, 2016 the rules and regulations in the U.S. were mostly unstructured in terms of the legality of flying drones commercially in the United States. 

Since then, the Federal Aviation Administration has taken great strides towards letting the average drone...

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Drone License 101: Most Frequently Asked Questions

part 107 license Jan 04, 2019


If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably interested in gaining some additional insight into the process of acquiring your Drone License (Part 107 Certification). If so, you’ve landed in the right place! We will be discussing everything from Registering Your Drone to...

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Drone License 101: Do I Need A License to Fly a Drone?

piloting tips Jan 04, 2019


As your passion for piloting drones continues to grow, it is important to make sure you are operating within the right guidelines while conducting flights.

If you frequently fly your drone then you may want to start thinking about taking the Part 107 Exam and receiving your Drone...

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